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The Asian Academy of Family Therapy's 8th Annual Conference is set to take place in Hong Kong from October 27-29, 2023, following successful events held in Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, and Taiwan. The conference's theme, "Reconnecting Families and Family Therapy Communities," reflects its mission to bring together family therapy experts and practitioners from around the world to share cutting-edge research and clinical practice on family health and education. While the conference has traditionally had a strong focus on Asia, it has attracted professionals from the United States, Europe, and beyond, making it an international forum for networking and collaboration. 

Following a challenging period of lockdowns and travel restrictions due to the pandemic, the 8th Annual Conference is poised to be a major event in Hong Kong's professional and cultural calendar. Participants can expect to engage in thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions, led by expert keynote speakers and experienced practitioners from across Asia, including Wai-Yung Lee from Hong Kong, Takeshi Tamura from Japan, Young-Ju Chun from Korea, Zhao Xudong from Mainland China, Hao-Wei Wang from Taiwan and many more from other Asian regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh. In addition, we are excited to welcome our special guests Maurizio Andolfi from Italy, Mona Fishbane, and Peter Fraenkel from the USA, and other experts from the UK and Europe to share their newest developments in the field of Family Therapy. The conference program will cover a wide range of topics, including family therapy techniques, cultural perspectives on family health, and the role of technology in family therapy. 

The conference will also provide an opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Hong Kong, known for its rich cultural heritage and dynamic blend of Eastern and Western influences. With its world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment, Hong Kong offers a unique backdrop for networking and building new connections. Attendees can look forward to experiencing the city's iconic landmarks, such as Victoria Peak and the Star Ferry, as well as discovering its hidden gems, including local street markets and art galleries. Overall, the 8th Annual Conference promises to be an unforgettable experience for professionals in the field of family therapy, and a celebration of the power of connection and community.

About Tai Kwun

Our 8th Annual Conference will take place at the award-winning Tai Kwun heritage-arts venue in Hong Kong's vibrant Central SoHo district. Tai Kwun was awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation in 2019, making it the perfect venue for our conference. Its location in the heart of Central, within walking distance of our Family Therapy Center and major areas in Hong Kong, makes it a convenient and accessible choice for attendees.

We are also pleased to have our Buddhist master deliver a singing bowl opening ceremony and tea ceremony to open and close our conference. There are many hotels in the area and we will be able to provide recommendations if you wish!

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